Joint Venture Tracking & Feedback

Joint Venture Tracking and Feedback

Our client had agreed to establish a joint venture, bringing together two successful businesses with high standards, shared values and strong reputations for building sustainable partnerships with customers, growers, and suppliers. The opportunity was to take the best from both and provide their customers with excellent service and innovation from a trusted leader in their sector.

The new leadership team wanted to ascertain how employees were feeling about the merger and to measure how well it was being implemented, which would help guide future communication.

As a business-to-business research specialist, we proposed an online survey with a sample of the 6,000 employees from across both businesses and at their different sites. We were able to gather feedback from a representative sample that enabled us to gauge how the staff perceived the joint venture, and how informed they felt throughout the process.

We were able to show to our client that while the overall mood towards the merger was positive, attitudes varied across the two original companies, and by employee hierarchy. We identified that these were sufficient to warrant additional engagement and communication by the SLT. Through that process, our client was also able to address concerns raised about the pace of change, job security, and low levels of optimism about the future benefits of working for the new company.

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