Returning to the Workplace

Returning to the Workplace

During the COVID-19 crisis, large numbers of the UK workforce were required to work from home. As restrictions began to be relaxed, our client wanted to listen to their employees to understand their concerns about returning to their normal place of work and usual ways of working, and expectations around precautions and PPE provision.

We conducted research using our QuickPulse process, designed to provide fast insights on any subject or topic required by a client. We invited employees to provide their feedback anonymously by completing a short (less than 5 mins) online survey. The inclusion of dialogue boxes substantiated feedback.

We provided the results within a concise timeframe – eleven days from start to finish. We were, first of all, able to measure how confident employees felt about our client implementing measures needed to make it as safe as possible to return to work.

Whilst confidence was relatively high, over a quarter had significant concerns about the compliance of other people, steps that needed to be taken regarding buildings (cleanliness, air conditioning and enforcing social distancing) and a lack of confidence regarding travelling to work using public transport. There were also concerns about an immediate return to customer and site visits, as well as internal meetings in person.

Our specific practical recommendations were implemented in full, and led to our client producing a Guide for Safe Return, which included information about robust office cleaning measures, and a guide on how to conduct meetings safely, both on and off-site.

In a subsequent survey six months later, we were able to gauge employee satisfaction (amongst those workers who had returned to the workplace) with their company’s response and approach.

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