Staff Retention

Staff Retention

A UK and European multi-site business in a highly competitive sector wished to address a high, very costly and damaging turnover of highly experienced and essential personnel. They also faced an increasing challenge in engaging with a mobile and remote workforce.

Employee surveys were conducted, supported by focus and consultation groups, in order to identify key issues with regard to employee satisfaction and engagement.

The results identified clear drivers for employee retention giving the organisation a sound basis on which to make investment to retain talent. The results also informed the design and introduction of a revised employee benefits package. Employee opinion was obtained throughout the design and implementation process through mini surveys and focus groups throughout all locations.

At the same time, the employee survey and engagement work revealed the need for greater employee consultation and, as a result, new company wide employee consultative structures were designed and implemented focussed on improving employee engagement, business awareness and continuous improvement.

Employee turnover reduced significantly leading to a substantial saving in cost and improvement in operating efficiency. In subsequent surveys, the organisation obtained higher employee satisfaction ratings, particularly as an employer of choice.