Customer Satisfaction Research – How we do it

Step 1: Scoping the target respondents and understanding your business

We hold initial meetings with our clients to achieve the following:

  • Clarify research requirements and potential areas to measure
  • Understand current processes and business characteristics
  • Select appropriate customers to gain feedback from
  • Recommend and agree an appropriate sample size
  • Provide a full project schedule to include timelines and deliverables

Step 2: Qualifying the core components of successful relationships with your customers

  • The key drivers of customer relationship performance are identified by conducting a number of in-depth telephone interviews with a sample of your customers
  • The output of these interviews are clearly defined Performance Areas and the individual Performance Attributes that determine your customer relationships

Step 3: Measuring the Pulse of your customer relationships

  • An online survey with a combination of ratings and “open text” boxes is used to gather customer feedback on how they rate your company on the agreed Performance Areas and Attributes
  • The [popup_anything id=”646″]measured are those we defined from the earlier qualifying interviews

Step 4: Reporting via scorecard and identifying customer relationship strengths and areas for improvement

Output of results include:

  • [popup_anything id=”636″]
  • A measure of performance for each Performance Area and Attribute
  • Verbatim comments providing further insight into the ratings provided
  • Identified customer relationship strengths and areas for improvement
  • Data analysis and recommendations to help you drive stronger customer relationships