Customer Satisfaction Survey – White Goods

Customer Satisfaction Survey – White Goods


A leading European manufacturer of white goods wanted to receive feedback from its key UK customers across multiple sales channels, together with an understanding of its competitive position in the market at an overall level.


Following several meetings with our client, combined with our in-house knowledge and expertise, we were able to determine both the performance areas and the individual attributes to be measured. We developed a survey, designed to take about 15 minutes per respondent, offering the opportunity to provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback through the open text boxes. Working with our client, we achieved a high level of response, which in turn translated into robust actionable insights.


We provided the results within the agreed timeframe. At an overall level, we were able to provide results in total and by sales channel, together with a summary by product category, compared to key competitors. Analysis by both Performance Area and by Attribute enabled us to identify both strengths and improvement opportunities. This was supported by the use of both regression analysis of the quant data and also AI/Machine Learning analysis for the comments received. The results were used to support internal workshops to develop action plans.  The Customer Satisfaction Survey will become an annual performance measurement tool which will enable the client to track progress and improvement over time.

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