Customer Satisfaction Survey in the Transport Sector

Customer Satisfaction Survey in the Transport Sector

A national public transport information provider needed to understand how their service was meeting passenger needs during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Finger on the Pulse Research (FOTP) have been running the Customer Satisfaction Study on behalf of this client for a number of years, which enabled them to measure the impact of the reduced services provided as a result of the pandemic against previous waves of research.


FOTP created different formats of the survey that reflected the clients’ three main channels of communication with passengers: their website, app and contact centre.  A combination of CATI and online intercept interview methodologies were used to present the survey in the most appropriate way to the respondents.  FOTP were then able to both combine the data from the current wave and compare it to the previous years’ results, to understand the relevant performance of each communication channel as well as trending over time.

FOTP used a combination of Net Promoter and CSAT to measure and compare performance.  A range of key drivers was also tracked, and then analysed using regression analysis techniques to understand which of the service elements the client should prioritise in their action planning.

Each respondent also had the opportunity to leave comments through the open text boxes, which FOTP analysed using an AI/Machine Learning Text Analytics engine to both identify key themes/topics and measure sentiment.

Whilst performance of the contact centre delivered an industry leading NPS combined with positive qualitative insights, there were some clear actions to take regarding the accuracy of the information provided on the website.  This feedback, along with the ratings and trending data, was shared with the wider client team via a presentation workshop, helping to facilitate the action planning process.

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