Customer Membership Survey – QuickPulse

Customer Membership Survey – QuickPulse

A regional networking organisation wanted to understand how it had performed for its members over the last 12 months. With the Covid-19 pandemic effectively halting all in-person networking events, the team needed to understand how well virtual events had performed, and which of the other benefits it offered members had been used over this period of time.

Finger on the Pulse (FOTP) and our client decided our QuickPulse methodology was best placed to meet their needs, ensuring a quick turnaround of results and keeping to a tight budget.

Beginning with a review of a previous survey, FOTP and our client ensured that all KPI metrics, such as NPS and likelihood to renew membership, could be compared to previous waves. We then rebuilt the survey to reflect the changes our client had seen over the Covid-19 lockdowns.

The client provided us with a database of members, and key demographic information such as business sector and length of membership. This enabled us to cut the data in a variety of ways, looking for key insights in certain groups of members.

FOTP emailed the survey directly to members, supported by messages from our client by email and Social Media. We also published links to the survey on Social Media to gather as much data as possible, matching responses from these completed questionnaires back to the member database to ensure integrity of the sample.

During analysis, we were able to provide KPI stats on the strength of the relationship and use Key Driver Regression Analysis to understand where and how that KPI could be improved.

We also used cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning tools to analyse the Open Text comments – helping draw insights out of the unstructured data.

Using the Net Promoter Score as the KPI for the client, we were able to identify that there was a crucial gap in the score for those members who joined more recently – they had been less likely to see the benefit of membership during a lockdown, and an engagement plan would be needed to focus on these newer joiners.

With the QuickPulse methodology, we were able to close the fieldwork and report back the results to senior members of the team within 2 working days.

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