Conducting Supplier Satisfaction Research – Types of Surveys

Annual Supplier Satisfaction Survey

The better you know your suppliers and the stronger the relationships, the more likely your business will benefit from dedicated support which should in turn deliver reduced costs, improved efficiency and continuous operational improvement and competitive advantage.

In addition, actionable insights from the survey will enable you to drive stronger collaboration with your suppliers.

Voice of the Supplier (VoS) Programme

In a fast-changing environment, there is often a clear need to have more frequent feedback.  VoS is an ideal tool to deliver a more regular assessment of your business relationship with suppliers:


  • To gauge the level of commitment suppliers have for your business
  • To have an “early warning” of any potential issues

QuickPulse Surveys

This is an ideal tool to deliver real-time and cost-efficient feedback when you are looking to gain insights on a specific topic.

In addition, this could be used to get tactical feedback to support a strategic initiative (e.g. gauging success on recently introduced initiatives or focusing on getting additional insights from a specific supplier group).