Conducting Supplier Satisfaction Research – Benefits

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Improved business relationships

Asking for and getting feedback from your suppliers through one of our Supplier Satisfaction Surveys will demonstrate to them that you are genuinely interested in their views about the quality of your relationship with them. Responding to and acting to address your suppliers’ concerns will generate goodwill and foster increased collaboration.

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Strategic Alignment

Clear and objective measures, based on findings from our Supplier Satisfaction Surveys, of how your suppliers feel about the strategic alignment you have with them, will enable your business to review and adapt your supplier relationship management strategy, as appropriate. This will grow the level of supplier satisfaction and improve business relationships.

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Competitive Advantage

The better you know your suppliers and the stronger the relationships, the more likely your business will benefit from dedicated support.  This should in turn deliver reduced costs, improved efficiency & continuous operational improvement, resulting in a competitive advantage.  Suppliers are also more likely to share their innovation ideas and offer exclusivity (“first to market”) to those companies that work more closely with them.

Anticipate Flexibility

Continuous engagement & improvement

How can you drive a culture of continuous engagement & improvement and deliver an effective Supplier Relationship Management without having regular & objective feedback from your suppliers, through an independent third party? Actionable insights from our Supplier Satisfaction Surveys will illustrate how you can continue to develop a collaborative partnership with suppliers and how you can continue to strive to deliver mutual growth over time.

Your suppliers are key in supporting your company on the journey to deliver against a number of strategic objectives.  Getting a clear understanding of your suppliers’ views will ensure increased collaboration from them.