360° Supplier Measurement and Feedback

360 Degree Supplier Measurement and Feedback

A long-standing multi-site manufacturing company, supplying predominantly the UK market, was under increasing competitive pressure from the Far East. As part of a strategic review, a supplier survey was carried out, both internally amongst the various manufacturing sites and amongst the supply base themselves.

Structured internal interviews were initially carried out, to understand what best in class would look like on a range of criteria. An internal web-based survey was then used to a broader internal audience to assess the performance of key supplies. To coincide with this, suppliers were asked to provide feedback to assess both the people and processes of the manufacturing company.

The feedback fed into the strategic review, as a result of which key suppliers were identified and individual engagement strategies were developed and implemented. At the same time, a more transactional plan was implemented in non-critical areas, in which a tendering process and the use of reverse auctions were used to drive down costs.

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