Farming Partners Study

Farming Partners Study


A leading supplier in the UK meat, fish & poultry sector needed to understand how the relationship they had with their Farming Partners – those responsible for the rearing and breeding of the animals – had changed over the last 2 years.  

In addition to changes within the client business, several external factors may have been impacting these relationships, including the Covid-19 pandemic and sector-specific issues seen in regions of the UK.

Finger on the Pulse (FOTP) have been running a survey for this client for a number of years, so were ideally placed to understand how attitudes between the Farming Partners and our client were shifting over time.


FOTP and our Client began with a review of the existing survey, ensuring that not only were all questions still relevant to the objectives, but also that consistency between waves of data was maintained, to enable robust tracking.

Our client provided us with key demographic background data – such as the type of animals grown, region and length of relationship. FOTP were then able to distribute the survey via email to the Farmers. With support from our client, and regular reminders, we achieved a response rate of nearly 80% – giving us very high confidence in the data.

Following data analysis, we were able to provide KPI stats on the strength of the relationship and use Key Driver Regression Analysis to understand where and how that KPI could be improved.

We also used cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning tools to analyse the Open Text comments – helping draw insight out of the unstructured data.


Our client had expected a small drop in the KPI figures, which was illustrated by the research. However, we were able to confirm that their actions during the last 12 months in response to Covid-19 and other issues had helped mitigate some of this decline, providing confidence that they had taken the right steps.

We were also able to provide key demographic cuts of data, enabling our client to identify areas to focus on, and what needed to be built into their Action Plans.

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