Gaining feedback and insights from suppliers

  • We conduct supplier feedback research driven around the specific needs of our clients, in terms of scope, process and deliverables.
  • An appropriate research solution is suggested, which could include online surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews and telephone interviews.
  • Typically we would use the FOTP Four Step Approach as detailed below:

How we do it
Supplier feedback research
FOTP Four Step Approach

Scoping the audience and the characteristics of your business

We hold an initial meeting with our clients to achieve the following:

  • Identify current processes and business characteristics
  • Clarify business requirements and any specific areas to cover

  • Select the appropriate suppliers to gain feedback from

  • Recommend and agree an appropriate sample size

  • Provide a full project schedule to include timelines and deliverables

Qualifying the core components of successful relationships with your suppliers

  • The key drivers of supplier relationship performance are identified by conducting a small number of in-depth telephone interviews with a sample of your suppliers
  • The output of these interviews are clearly defined Performance Areas and the individual Performance Attributes that drive your supplier relationships

Measuring the pulse of your supplier relationships

  • An online survey is used to gain supplier feedback on how they rate your organisation on the Performance Areas and Attributes of their relationship with you
  • The Performance Areas and Attributes measured are those we defined from the earlier qualifying interviews

Reporting via scorecard and identifying supplier relationship strengths and weaknesses

Output of results include:

  • A supplier relationship health Scorecard
  • A measure of performance for each Performance Area and Performance Attributes
  • Verbatim comments providing further insight into the scores achieved
  • Identified supplier relationship strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Recommendations to help you improve your supplier relationships

Keeping your Finger on the Pulse of your existing suppliers will enable you to more easily:

Create stronger working relationships and get closer to vital suppliers
Increase supplier alignment to your corporate goals and objectives
Promote supplier collaboration to facilitate better innovation. Be first to market
Identify efficiency gains and new strategic value
Promote a culture of continuous improvement with your strategic suppliers

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