FOTP Procurement/Supply Chain Pulse – Nearly 170 Respondents in Procurement and Supply Chain Function Provided Their Feedback!

What has been measured:

  • Business Performance over the last 12 months

  • Expected Business performance over the next 12 months

  • Confidence in “Perfect Order Fulfillment”

  • Workload compared to 12 months ago

  • Strategic and Tactical priorities for the Procurement & Supply Chain Professionals

  • Rich insights from the open text comments to illustrate specific challenges that Procurement & Supply Chain Professionals are facing 

Key take-outs:

STRONG COLLABORATION in trading relationships (customer-supplier) is critical for the effective management of the issues that are continuing to arise in the post-Covid and post-Brexit worlds.

Only 28% of survey respondents were “very confident” in being able to fulfil orders:

  • Disruptive events of the past 19 months have taken their toll on companies’ ability to fulfil orders.
  • Whilst a number of businesses are striving to fulfil 92-98% of customer orders, an overall rating of 73.4 for “perfect order fulfilment” clearly indicates that there is room for improvement.

Top 3 strategic priorities:

  • Building a more resilient supply chain
  • Changing consumer demand and expectations
  • Resource and workforce management

Top 3 tactical priorities:

  • Shortage of drivers
  • Material price volatility
  • Freight costs

Anticipated challenges for the next 5 years:

  • Staff/Skills Shortage
  • Managing Costs/Prices
  • Dealing with the Continued Impact of Brexit

“The supply chain sector has an aging workforce, staff shortages and a skills’ shortage.”

“One of the biggest issues is a shortage of skilled and motivated labour in the supply chain.”

“Our focus for the foreseeable [future] is getting to grips with a volatile market, plus the issues of climate change.”

“The next 5 years will be trying to return to where we were before Brexit and Covid both changed the world.”

Procurement Supply Chain Executive Summary

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