Finger on the Pulse Research (FOTP) releases Procurement/Supply Chain Insights, based on their QuickPulse Survey!

FOTP have completed the 1st wave of the Procurement/Supply Chain QuickPulse(TM), their biannual tracking survey to understand the challenges and priorities for the Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals.

The key take-out, based on the survey findings, is that strong collaboration in trading relationships (customer-supplier) is going to be key in managing issues that are continuing to arise in the post-Covid and post-Brexit worlds.

The overall Procurement/Supply Chain Pulse Score for the 1st wave is 67.0 which reflects the recent challenges and disruption.  Whilst Procurement/Supply Chain Professionals felt more confident about the next 12 months with nearly 60% stating that they expected their business performance to improve, the score was less positive when reflecting on the last year.

Of note is that only 28% of the survey respondents were “very confident” that their business can deliver goods on time, in full and without damage. As the primary KPI for the Supply Chain teams, this illustrates that the disruptive events over the last 19 months have taken their toll on companies’ ability to fulfil orders.  

According to our survey, the single biggest issue today is the “Shortage of Drivers”. Whilst both Brexit and Covid have been a driver, Procurement and Supply Chain professionals were very clear that this has been an ongoing issue driven by an overall lack of training and investment over many years, causing the skills shortage we see today.

“There is a lack of skills because of natural wastage – people leaving through retirement without training up the next generation.”

Manager, Large business

Over the longer term, survey respondents stated that “Building a more resilient supply chain” was their key strategic priority. Around 7 out of 10 professionals say their business is performing effectively against this long-term target, which underpins some of their confidence for the next 12 months.

FOTP Research plan to conduct this survey again in six months, allowing them to keep track of the challenges and trends for the Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals.

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