FOTP QuickPulse – for when you need rapid insights

“Research is too expensive, takes too long and only tells us what we already know!”

We would disagree and, hopefully, so would FOTP clients!

We specialise in gathering feedback from key Stakeholder groups, such as Employees, Customers & Suppliers, on behalf of clients.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we have a range of suitable solutions to meet their needs (for example: bespoke research projects, annual tracking/performance measurement surveys, focus groups, structured interviews etc.)

Recent experience from a number of projects suggests that there is a growing need for rapid feedback on a specific topic. Whilst clients can often undertake the work themselves, they acknowledge the benefits of objectivity and anonymity offered by using an independent agency, coupled with the internal time and resource saved by “outsourcing” the work.

We have developed and introduced FOTP QuickPulse as a process to gather and provide insights when there is a need to receive rapid feedback. The process is quick, straight-forward and cost effective. For example, this could be:

  • Interim feedback from employees, supporting an Employee Engagement programme, making sure your action plans are working, or a check-in with the team about recent changes to working environments and practices (such as flexible and hybrid working)
  • Feedback from your Suppliers to understand the challenges they are facing following Brexit or COVID and the support they need
  • Feedback from your Customers to understand the impact of Brexit or Covid on their businesses and the support they need

If you feel that insights generated by FOTP QuickPulse would be of benefit, send Andy Kemp-King an e-mail: