Conducting Employee Engagement Research – Types of Surveys

Annual Employee Engagement Survey

Given the importance of having a motivated workforce, obtaining regular feedback from them and acting upon it, will directly support your business in achieving its goals and objectives.

Employee Engagement Surveys help you understand how your colleagues feel about working for your business, and clearly identify how you can further improve their motivation and commitment.

Voice of the Employee (VoE) Programme

As employees are at the heart of your business and closely engage with your customers, suppliers and partners, their “voice” is a valuable resource that should be heard and leveraged.

In a fast-changing environment, there is often a need to gather employee feedback on a frequent basis.

VoE conducted throughout the year will enable you to help track progress and to have an “early warning” of any potential issues.

Diversity & Inclusion Survey

D&I is more than just collecting and monitoring the demographic data of your employees.

D&I surveys should be rooted in your company’s continuous drive to understand and leverage the diverse make-up of your teams. 

Understanding how included your employees feel and their experience of being treated fairly in the workplace, as well as addressing any concerns about these, are key to unlocking potential and improving overall employee engagement.

QuickPulse Surveys

This is an ideal tool to deliver real-time and cost-efficient feedback when you are looking to gain insights on a specific topic.

In addition, this could be used to get tactical feedback to support a strategic initiative (e.g. gauging success on recently introduced employee initiatives or focusing on getting additional insights from a specific employee group).